Planning a Surprise Birthday Party? Make Sure to Take These 5 Steps

Posted on Apr 13, 2015

Organising a surprise birthday party for your husband, sibling, parent or friend is a fun and exciting experience. But a successful celebration won't happen without any effort so, if you want your pal or family member to have a fun, exciting and memorable event, you have to iron out all the details and plan everything with military precision.

Don't know where to begin? You can start by taking these steps:

Choose a date and venue

Deciding on a date is a no-brainer if your loved one's birthday falls on a weekend. But, if it doesn't, you have to choose a day that's convenient for the guest of honour. You don't want to spend a lot of time and effort on planning a fun party, only to find out that the birthday girl or boy has an important dentist appointment or client meeting on that day!

Once you've picked the date, start looking for a venue. Ideally, the location should match the theme of the event (if you have one). It must also have enough space for all the guests as well as for any activity you're planning to have. For instance, if you want to hire an attractive photo booth in Perth and rent a portable dance floor, make sure your venue has enough room to accommodate all the equipment you'll be setting up.

Get the word out

After choosing the date and venue, print invitations on pretty paper (or buy ready-made ones from your favourite stationery shop) and mail them out to the guests. Make sure to indicate that it's a surprise party and that the birthday girl or boy isn't supposed to know about it. You don't anyone accidentally blabbing about the celebration to the guest of honour and spoiling all your plans!

Think about the refreshments

If you've set a theme for the party, you can use it as a guide when planning your menu. A beach-themed celebration, for example, can feature fruit kebabs, meat skewers, coconut water drinks and starfish-shaped cookies. Don't have a central concept? Stick to the guest of honour's favourite snacks and beverages or serve food and drinks from a foreign cuisine he's interested in. If your best friend is crazy about South Korean fare, for example, make sure to prepare kimchi, tteokbokki, ramyun, samgyeopsal and bibimbap.

Find ways to make the party more exciting

The standard birthday celebration can be summarised as “eat, drink, mingle around, play a couple of games and go home”. Your friend, husband, sister, brother or parent deserves much more than that, so look for ways to spice up the event and make it more fun and memorable for everyone.

One step you can take is to hire a photo booth in Perth (or wherever you're based). A photo booth encourages people to mingle, helping them break the ice and be more at ease with each other. It also gives them the chance to have a wonderful time as they try on different props, experiment with funny poses and pull silly faces.

Buy a gift for the guest of honour

With all the preparations you have to do, it can be easy to forget to get a present for the birthday girl or boy. So, shop for a gift as early as possible to ensure it won't escape your memory.

Not sure what to buy? The key to choosing the perfect present is to find something that matches your friend or family member's interests and hobbies. If your sister loves art, for example, why not surprise her with a beautiful illustration by Mary Narduzzo? Mary has created a lot of fantastic artworks and many of them can be easily bought online, so the only thing you should do is to pick one that suits your sister's tastes and personality.

Take these steps now to start planning a fun and fabulous surprise birthday party for your pal or family member!

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