About Mary Narduzzo

About Mary Narduzzo

Artist, Mary Narduzzo

Mary Narduzzo is a London based artist and designer who has an insatiable desire to express escapism in all the work she produces. Her philosophy from an early age is to produce art that transports you to a destination, a memory, an emotion of happiness and good well being.

Mary specialises in contemporary collections in an eclectic palette, inviting a sense of vibrancy and bespoke styling to a range of spaces. She utilises a technical application of paint to achieve a visually stunning layered effect, resulting in colourful saturated creations.

Mary works meticulously in pen and ink to create exquisite illustrations that can be transformed to any colour and size appropriate to the space.

Influenced by the great masters, Mary recalls a school-trip to The National Gallery where she was drawn to a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore; she daringly attempted to touch the sculpture, reaching over the rope barriers, only to be stopped by security. Captivated by her experience, Mary was determined to create artwork that people could feel immersed in. Mary continues to push the boundries with her vivd abstract pieces that challenge the theory of the colour wheel.

With a portfolio spanning over 10 years of work, Mary has provided art to private homes, the hospitality sector and interior designers. Mary collaborates with her clients to recommend the most suitable artwork for their project and also takes comissions.

Mary has exhibited at various shows since 2015 including Windsor Art Fair, Grand Designs Live and 100% Design London.

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Email: info@marynarduzzo.com